Living NOW

DSC_7873Hey everypawdy, Maxx here.  Ok, I admit my blog posting has been a bit slow and sporadic.  Truth is, as a young pupper it has been a bit hard to find “my” voice.  Oh I know my Mommers would beg to differ.  She hears my voice plenty and we are working hard on controlling that voice, but I digress.

So here we are in the month of May, which is a big one fur us since it is Pet Cancer Awareness Month and also the month that we lost our namesake Buddy. Kind of reaches out and gobsmacks us efurry year.  Yup, we get gobsmacked too!  Happens to efurrypawdy, don’t think it doesn’t.  Some days Mom will sit with a far away look, and she will just kinda go fur a walk with me but be far away. Dogs know this.  I want to be more like Buddy, but I’m just a pupper… I can’t write much because I get so many words wrong.


But now?  NOW I am two!  TWO!  It’s like I woke up and have things to say.  Ya know I was looking ofur some of Buddy’s old stuff and he was wise, the force was strong with him it was.  He barked about how dogs only know one time, and that is NOW.  I think it’s a good time to re-visit that concept.  Bud was reminding us that when dogs have a bad day, they work through it and then it is over and the next day it is behind them and they are on to a new day.



Same can be said fur having new fur in your life.  It doesn’t mean at all that you have to let go of what was, or that special something.  Heck no!  What ya do have to focus on is NOW. Don’t miss today for yesterday or tomorrow.  So go ahead and hold on to that old love, it was real and true!  Today, though, today is now and worth enjoying NOW.  Making it the best won’t take one bit away from what was and it won’t ruin your chances of a great day tomorrow.  Cool how that works.  Dogs get that, and I just wanted to pass that along.  Just another pearl of wisdom that I like to boil down into the simple phrase: “Be the Dog…”

You’re welcome BOL



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PA, Corporate Flight Attendant, Airstream Pilot (left seat.) DoG is my co-pilot. Just out here living the dream...
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4 Responses to Living NOW

  1. Carol Bradstreet says:

    I usually get a tear in my eye when I read your blog. My wonderful boy passed away a little over a year ago from cancer. Yes, I have another dog now. He was a rescue, had some issues, but I was determined to make his life not only good, but grrrreat! But you know what? He made my life grrrreat! I’ve fallen in love all over again. I still miss my other boy so much. I think he’d be happy, though, to know that I’ve (and the new guy) have found out how to heal together.

    • Thanks Carol! Life can be Grrrreat for both of you. It’s just nice to paws and remember that the road can be winding for those just starting down the road or for those having a “ruff” day. So glad you opened your heart again and you made someone else’s life whole in the process. Way to be the dog!!

  2. Probably the best advice: Live for the day!! Sure wish I could be more like that.

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