From Both Sides NOW

BuddyHey efurrypawdy, Buddy here.  Yup, rub your eyes and blink a few times and then look again.  It’s ME!  I’ve been pretty lucky since crossing over, I have a very liberal “hall pass” system and get to come back and forth a lot and break through for important missions.  Of course I gotta tell ya, the force was strong with me even when I was on earth and I could kind of come and go as I pleased.  You just can’t believe what your mind can do if you just open it up a bit… but I digress.  Heaven on earth, Heaven in Heaven; it’s a fine blurry line!

DSC_2034 Every time I come back fur a visit, everyone sends messages back with me and tries to get a little more of an idea what the bridge is like.  It finally dawned on me that you can’t see us like we can see you!  I get it now, so let me fill in a few blanks and try to make some sense of all of this.

When I was on earth full time, I wrote about how a dog only knows of two different times. Just two.  That’s it.  You gotta s-i-m-p-l-i-f-y and get down to basics.  For a dog there’s NOW and NOT NOW.  Please don’t tell us we’re going to the dog park in an hour because that’s NOT NOW and we heard the magic words DOG PARK.  Help!  We’re so confused. This simplicity also is what allows dogs to handle stress and bad things so well. When I would go in for cancer treatment, I did not like it.  That was NOW, and NOW was not good. We would always stop for ice cream or pupcakes on the way home and that was great! NOW was great! Cancer treatment? NOT NOW. Gone, finished. That’s how dogs deal.


People already understand a big part of what it means for a pet to cross over to the other side. There is no more pain.  Whatsoever. No more DOGtors. Our bodies are whole and young again. The things we loved to do the very, very most in life are always there and it’s about all we do. This place is where the ultimate joy, which is DOG, is released. I know you have all seen it in your pets’ eyes. You have felt that joy too. Here, we have it all of the time and nothing ever slows the flow of joy (or the roll of joy) ever.

Roll of Joy

Here is the big difference between the two sides.  On the other side, it is always NOW. How cool is that? Nobody ever says “Not now, Buddy.” If I want to play “chase the ball,” it’s NOW and we play. If I want ice cream, it’s NOW! Cheeseburgers? NOW. Butt scratch? NOW, and non-stop! The very best thing about never hearing “Not Now?” We always get to go along with our favorite people.  We are always by your side.  You never have to run errands or go out to dinner or go on business trips without us because we can go everywhere with you now.  It doesn’t matter if it’s a fountain in Bend, Oregon or Rome!













The hard part, and the flip side is that for you on this side, it is NOT NOW until we meet again. You cannot see us anymore.  That is sad, because in reality we are together more than we were here on earth!!! Wow, what a ride going along with you everywhere! It’s all part of Heaven for us.


So please know, when you can see it all from both sides it is beyond glorious and the view is overwhelmingly pawsome. So keep loving life here and taking us on a grand ride and sharing us with new loves. Keep it fun and frisky for us.  Also know that in the whole grand scheme of things, it won’t be long at all until we are united again and it will be NOW FOREVER TOGETHER.




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One Response to From Both Sides NOW

  1. Katie Waterman says:

    We as humans have a problem with just seeing Now and Not Now. I wish we were more like the critters that do.

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