Sit ‘n Stay Global has re-written the book on pet travel.  We are all VIP Corporate Flight Attendants trained in world class culinary and etiquette skills to make each flight perfect.  What we noticed was that our pet passengers were being overlooked and there were no particular safety provisions for them on board our flights.  That just didn’t work for us.  We developed the first set of standardized Pet Safety Protocols that address everything from turbulence to evacuation for our pet “pawsengers” to make sure their flights were just as safe as it was for their humans.

In addition, each of our flight attendants travels with a full set of Pet Oxygen Masks, a Pet Flotation Device and a Pet Seat Restraint System with tether to allow for at least the minimum safety equipment on a flight provided for the human passengers on board.  Each is also certified in Pet CPR and First Aid.  Pets are not an afterthought on one of our flights, but an honored guest!

After we land, if you find that your schedule will be hectic with work or touring… we can step in as your Pet Nanny on location.  We come equipped with the latest Apps to help us find the best pet friendly parks, trails, beaches, cafes and shops to make sure the day is just as much fun for your pet as it is for you.  We’re even connected to some great folks who can help you find the most luxurious places to stay with your furbaby and a plane to fly on that won’t cringe when you bring that family member on board.

But we are more than that.  We are active sponsors of the Animal Cancer Foundation, a leading team in the field of comparative oncology fighting K9 Cancer and linking the cures to humans.

So gather up your dog, cat, ferret or bird and click on over to our site and see what we are all about.  We are just crazy about animals and the people that love them!  http://www.sitnstayglobal.com/


2 Responses to About

  1. Jan says:

    Hoping to get email updates of new posts

  2. Carmen Armistead says:

    We are trying to find a way to fly our two small dogs to London from Houston. We will only fly them in cabin — not cargo or as baggage. Please give us your expertise!! How can we best do this? Thank you!

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